Like “inbound marketing”, “data-driven marketing” and “digital marketing”, “agile marketing” is a buzzword that marketers and agencies bandy about a lot these days.

But what is it, what problems does it fix and how do you get started?

Our definition of agile marketing is literal: it’s the application of agile software development methods to marketing planning and execution.

You can use this agile transformation to solve one or more of the following problems: quality, lack of responsiveness to data and measured outcomes, planning and execution cycles that are too long and involve too many hand offs, dysfunctional working relationships between your marketing department and your agency or your technology department, employee motivation and engagement, building teams that learn – or all of the above if, like a lot of us, you need to improve across all these dimensions.

How do you get started? A few years ago, Ben shared his experience at IBM with Econsultancy. You can read a transcript of the interview here.